Freedom Shop at the Performance Arcade

For the next 5 days the Freedom Shop will be part of the Pop-Up Books container at the Wellington Performance Arcade 2024 . The container is shared with our host Book Haven , 5ever Books , Left of The Equator and Lawrence & Gibson .   Come and check us out - the event starts a 6pm Wednesday, 21 Feb and runs through to Sunday night.  

New Books at the Freedom Shop

We have a load of new books out on the shelves in the Freedom Shop. Authors include: Norman Nawrocki, Chomsky, Tina Ngata, Howard Zinn, and Silvia Federici. And some of the books are 'Kia Mau', 'Time For Plan B', 'How to Read Donald Duck', 'Dreams of Anarchy and the Anarchy of Dreams', 'Means and Ends: The Revolutionary Practice of Anarchism in Europe and the United States', 'Comedy Against Work: Utopian Longing in Dystopian Times', 'Anarchism and the City: Revolution and Counter-Revolution in Barcelona, 1898-1937', 'Paths to Autonomy' and volumes II & III of 'Subversions' by Anarchist Writers Block in Canada.

Plan B 2024 is here! Your Diary Planner for 2024

Finally it's here: Plan B 2024 is out! It's taken a while, it got held up at the printers - but at last it's here! Plan B's a functional weekly planner. Each week includes dates and facts about resistance and events that have occurred since the early settlers and colonisers arrived in this country. And each month is introduced by a stunning image created by one of twelve local creatives.  The images commemorate some of those often ignored, overlooked, deliberately forgotten events that have happened in this country. We've got artwork highlighting protest and community action around housing and homes, deep sea oil exploration, colonialism, imperialism, racism, climate change, surveillance and more.  Many of the events and dates are from stories and histories that are usually overlooked in 'official' versions - so with Plan B, as you plot and plan your way though 2024, you know that you are not alone. You can be reminded of what has come before and that opposi

TALK THURS 21/09: the 5ever Notebooks for Prisoners Collective

 Interested in the 'Notebooks for People in Aotearoa Prisons'? Come and meet 5ever and find out more about what and why they're doing it!! Book Haven at 6pm on Rāpare Thursday 21st Mahuru September. We sell the 5ever 'Hot Men for Prison Abolition' fundraising notebooks at the Shop and we often get asked why people inside need paper and notebooks, so many assume paper is a basic necessity and everyone has access to it - but that's not necessarily true! So come along and kōrero with 5ever and find out more more about the campaign. You can also find out more about their September Notebooks for Prisoners Working Bee which is going to be held Rāhoroi Saturday 23rd September at Rebel Press.   The 5ever books community supports incarcerated people through their Notebooks for Prisoners campaign. They repurpose waste paper into blank notebooks with the help of friends. These notebooks are put together by volunteers, delivered free of charge, and then distributed ad hoc

Class War in the 21st Century New Zealand: A Combined Rant and Political Suicide Note by Sam Buchanan

  “ The oppressor would not be so strong if he did not have accomplices among the oppressed” – Simone de Beauvoir   Introduction The last 40 years have seen the incremental, but steady, shift of political power away from the working class. Much of this power has moved into the hands of the managers, bureaucrats and other functionaries that make up the Professional-Managerial Class (PMC). This is a problem, firstly because no particular sector of society should have an unfair share of power, secondly because these are people who have never liked democracy very much. Increasing inequality, in other words the continuing class war waged on the working class, also creates resentment (even if the losers are only vaguely aware of what is going on), crime, increased health and mental health costs and demands for increased repression and control. At this point, the Professional-Managerial Class are the main reason we aren ’ t getting anywhere. In the class war, they ’ ve chosen to pay